Healthcare Buildings

The healthcare industry is a growing modular market, accounting for $180 million in annual sales and claiming 5% of the commercial modular market. An aging population is causing hospitals and outpatient care clinics to expand services, but with space at a premium, many facilities don’t have the additional space needed to house those services. At Universal Modular, we can provide healthcare buildings such as doctor’s offices, hospital administration and support buildings, rural medical clinics, outpatient treatment buildings, urgent care centers, wellness facilities, nursing homes and diagnostic buildings. We can create new medical/healthcare facilities or addon to already existing facilities. Additionally, our care for functionality, quality and aesthetics will ensure that our modular buildings will transition nicely with the surrounding conventionally constructed buildings. Our off-site construction process provides quality modular buildings at reduced construction time and cost. Off-site construction of modular healthcare buildings also allows medical facilities such as hospitals and medical clinics to continue functioning with minimal site disruption during construction.