Education Buildings

The education market is one of the largest markets within the modular industry as modular buildings provide quality space at a lower cost. Rather than reducing square footage or removing features when faced with budget overruns, many school districts are opting for modular units. Many school districts are reporting savings in the 10-15% range versus site-built construction. Our buildings are factory-built—many utilize steel and concrete frames, rather than wood—and are delivered to the site and installed on permanent foundations. Universal modular provides an extensive list of modular buildings for the education market. Universal Modular works with public and private schools, daycare, colleges, universities and religious organizations to provide a range of quality educational facility space. We work with our customers to provide the best portable classroom or modular education building solution to meet the unique needs of today’s educational organizations. We provide permanent, portable and relocatable education buildings in a variety of configurations. In addition to classrooms, we offer modular libraries, modular multipurpose rooms, modular administration buildings and modular restroom buildings. Specialty rooms are available, such as modular science labs, modular kindergarten classrooms and modular daycare facilities.