Universal Modular and Contigo Global Team up to provide a Demonstration Village for Organic Motion

Universal Modular and Contigo Global Team up to provide a Demonstration Village for Organic Motion, Inc.

Organic Motion Urban Training Facility

Organic Motion’s Indoor Urban Training Facility

Fallbrook, Calif. – Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc. (UMBS) and Contigo Global, Inc. (CGI) recently completed a turn-key, Afghanistan style, urban training demonstration village, for Organic Motion, Inc. located in Orlando, FL.

Organic Motion, Inc. develops systems to insert live role players into military training exercises as “Live-Avatars”. The company, based in NYC, chose to develop an indoor urban training facility in the Research Park area of Orlando to demonstrate their Avatar Target Insertion System (ATIS) to the area’s military customers. The facility also allows Organic Motion, Inc. to test run scenarios that may enhance their current offerings.

Organic Motion, Inc. chose UMBS after an extensive search with several potential vendors. “We are very happy with the quality and professionalism UMBS and CGI delivered for our project. They came in on time, within the budget and we always receive positive feedback from everyone who has visited our site,” said Andrew Tschesnok, CEO of Organic Motion, Inc.

The village is comprised of two prefabricated buildings and a market square. The first of the two buildings is a single story 480 sq. ft. building with two bedrooms. The exterior and the interior of that building are enhanced with textures that replicate those features found in a typical Afghanistan village. The building is also decorated with Afghanistan style rugs, furniture and accessories that assist in depicting a realistic environment.

The second building is a two story, 960 sq. ft. building Organic Motion, Inc. had purchased as a trade show booth. The challenge was in converting the existing structure to something that could be used as part of the new village. The UMBS and CGI Team used a modular panelized system that was attached to the existing structure and removable; in case Organic Motion, Inc. decides to utilize the trade show booth in the future. This building has one room downstairs that depicts a dining room and living area, two bedrooms and a balcony upstairs, and the entire building is decorated with furniture and accessories depicting a realistic Afghanistan home. The entire demonstration village is carpeted and covered with desert sand to enhance the environment.

“Our challenge was to make the village as realistic as possible in a confined area and stay within budget” said Rick Bartolotti, CEO/President of UMBS.

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