Large-scale Modular Buildings Appearing in New York

NYC Modular Buildings

Assembling the “Stack” in upper Manhattan.
Photo by Buck Ennis.

“At the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards, dozens of workers are laying the foundation for a 32-story apartment tower. They are excavating earth, bending rebar and pouring concrete, just as countless others are doing at construction sites around town.”

Meanwhile, two miles away, in a factory the size of two football fields at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, dozens more are working on the same building, stacking drywall, uncrating toilets, and gathering pipes and spools of wire, all of which will be used to complete a total of 930 -trailer-size modules beginning next month. Those will then be trucked over to the Flatbush Avenue site, where they will be stacked to form 363 apartments ranging in size from 400-square-foot studios to 1,200-square-foot two-bedrooms.”

The installation is scheduled to begin in Fall 2013, and will be the first of many smaller projects ranging from “a superstorm-proof townhouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to the Bloomberg administration’s much-touted micro-apartment building in Manhattan’s Kips Bay.” There are currently over 17 modular construction projects on file with the Department of Buildings. It is predicted that more are on their way as there are clear cost savings and building material efficiency advantages, which leaves a greener impact on the environment.

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