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Recently Awarded and Completed Projects

MCB Camp Pendleton, CA MCB Camp Pendleton is a 5,000 square foot modular facility for base facilities operations staff. Project scope includes installing modular building on asphalt parking lot, then supplying and installing complete telephone system, internal data wiring, fire and intrusion alarm systems. This project is under construction and will be completed mid February 2009. Lockheed Martin CCS Program for the USMC/ Camp Lejeune, NC Two buildings will be … [Read more...]

Modular Construction Proves Effective For Naval Facility

A Modular Project Modular buildings are far from one-size-fits-all. Each site and client requires the application of a unique design solution. It takes a design team with modular engineering experience and a deep understanding of the modular building industry to address all of the needs specific to a project, including the design, foundation, and state-specific structural requirements. A modular project needs a modular engineer. The Naval Reactor Facility The facility, … [Read more...]